How To Set Up Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce started to grow strongly in the last few years and it's in a continuous ascent, as now powers 45.4% percentage of the entire web.

It is obvious that most of the customers use the internet to make a purchase. Since 2015, an increasing number of people buy things online and, today, there are around $1.92 trillion ecommerce sales worldwide.

So is ecommerce the business to focus on in the future? There's no doubt here. There are a few popular ecommerce platforms that rule the world when it comes to their frequency on the entire web.

The incontestable leader is WooCommerce, occupying 32% of the ecommerce market, followed by Magento (18%), OpenCart (11%), and Shopify (8%).

WooCommerce is used on 176,223 websites, whilst Magento and OpenCart are used on 102,514 and 60,133, respectively.

Why is WooCommerce the leader? You're probably asking now what's so special about WooCommerce and why is it the first in the world.

Well, WooCommerce is the ecommerce extension of WordPress, the most popular content management system, powering 25% of all the websites worldwide. So, I think it's kind of obvious why WooCommerce is leading the ecommerce market.

There are lots of WordPress users who have online shops, so WooCommerce is the most suitable solution for them. But it’s not just that. WooCommerce provides great services, powerful features, it’s very easy to manage by everyone, and… it’s free.

So, if you’re already on WordPress, you’re a winner, so to speak.

Now, lets get started!... 

  • The first step is to INSTALL WOOCOMMERCE USING YOUR WORDPRESS dashboard.

    On your side menu, place your cursor on Plugins and then click on "Add New".


1. Install Woocommerce

Type “Woocomerce” in the search box. Various woocommerce plugin will appear. Hover your cursor to "WooCommerce" and click on Install


2. Activate Plugin

Once you hit "Install Now" button, the installation procedure will start. Wait until it is done and then click "Activate Plugin", as in the picture below.


Once you have successfully installed plugin. Now, when the plugin is installed, you will need to activate it and that's when the magic pops in.

The good people who made the Woo Commerce plugin made pretty little quick setup guide which will guide you through the basic setup options.

The options through this guide are well explained and easy to understand. However, if you set something wrong, it's really not a big deal as all of those settings can later be edited through standard Woo Commerce Settings.

1. Page Set Up

This is the welcome screen in which you may opt to run through quick setup or just quit and set up later through standard WooCommerce settings. We'll choose Let's Go and it will lead us to the next page of the quick setup.

2. Store Location

This page informs us that it will create the pages that are necessary for WooCommerce to work properly. Just click Continue and let it do whatever it needs to do.


3.Shipping and Tax

When WooCommerce pages are created, it will ask to setup your Store Locale. Here you can set up the location of your store, currency you would like to use and product weight and dimensions units.

Again, you can set it up here or you may skip it and set it up later in WooCommerce settings. If you choose to set it up now, just click Continue when done.

4. Payments

This page allows you to set Shipping and Tax. If you are going to use WooCommerce just for selling tickets and nothing else, you may leave the Basic Shipping Setup checkbox unchecked and if you plan to charge tax on ticket sales, you may check the Basic Tax Setup checkbox.

All of it is optional and can later be changed in WooCommerce settings.

Note: If You Are In Nigeria, I will explain how to add local payment method.

5. Store Is Ready

If you plan to use PayPal Standard, you can enter your PayPal email address here where you want to accept payments. Also, if you want to allow Cheque Payments, Cash on Delivery and Bank Transfer, you may check the corresponding checkboxes. However, if you don't plan to use any of the methods offered here, just leave it all as it is and later choose the one you want from vast selection of  payment methods in WooCommerce add-ons.

This is the final stage that informs you that your store is now ready to be used and offers to create your first product right away. It also contains valuable links to WooCommerce setup and knowledge base.

Right on the bottom is the link to return to the WordPress Dashboard. Check your website to confirm.


Other Basic Settings

1 . Free Themes

You can change the default theme on the website, check FREE THEMES to get a professional free theme, download the ecommerce theme of your choice.

To Upload the new theme,

Go to >>> Appearance, then, >>> click on theme.

 >>> Click On  Add New Theme

 >>> Click on Upload Theme.

>>> Upload the theme you downloaded earlier, upload, activate and preview.

Or you can check the available free themes in the website store as explained in the previous training.

2. Add Products and Categories

To add products and categories

>>> Go to Dashboard,  >>> click on products,  then select categories.

  • To Add New Category, >>> click on category, fill the details and click on “add new category”, >>> Save Category once done.

Example of categories are fashion, eBook, electronics etc. Category is used to categorize your products to make the website look professional.

  •  To add products, >>> click on products, >>> then click on add new products

 Follow the step by step guide to publish your first product. It’s easy.


How To Add Naira Payment Method in Nigeria.

NB: Nigerians Only

The major requirement is to have a corporate account with any bank in Nigeria.

Follow these steps to get this done.

  • First step is to register your business name with corporate affairs, click here for the step by step guide on how to get a business name registered with Corporate Affairs.


  • Proceed to obtain your Tax Identification Number (TIN) from Nigeria Federal Inland Revenue Service, you will be directed from where you registered your business name.


  • Once done, take the business name and TIN to any bank of your choice, to open a corporate account.


1. Install Paystack

Go to Dashboard, and Install paystack plugin

>>> Click on plugin, >>> then click “add new”, in the search box, >>> input “paystack”, install and activate.


2. Create A Paystack Account

Go to PAYSTACK WEBSITE , click on "create a free account".

Enter your business name, email and password.

>>> Click create my account. >>> Confirm your email and login. >>> Click on add a business.


>>> Enter your business details, >>> click create new business.

Once paystack approves your account, it will change from test mode to live mode.

 Live mode

  • Once your account is active, >>> Navigate to the right corner, >>> click on the icon and >>> click on setting, once the page opens, >>> click on API keys & Webhooks.

  • You need the live secret key, live public key and live webhook url

  • Go to your Dashboard, >>> click on plugin, >>> then click on “installed plugin

  • Navigate to the paystack plugin, >>> click on settings


>>> You will be redirected Woocomerce "Payment Paystack Page".  >>> Click on "enable paystack" box to enable paystack.

In front of "payment page", select "inline embed". Also, Copy and paste the "live secret key" and "live public key" as its on your paystack account into the "Woocomerce Paystack  Box". And save.


Congrats! Your naira payment method is active You can set your shipping cost and others. It’s very easy

 To add whatsapp to your website, just like mine 
Go to your Dashboad, >>> Navigate to plugin, >>> Click on add new, >>> Type woowhatsapp in the search box, >>> Install The Woocommerce Chat To Whatsapp, >>> Add your Whatsapp Number and Activate the Plugin.

Congratulations! Your Ecommerce Website Is Ready.

Start Uploading Your Products And Expect Masive Sales With Time.

And Do Not Forget To Sign Up For Updates, I'll Keep Updating You On Other Vital Tricks To Boost Your Sales Every Weekend. 

Here’s how far we can go

If you get stuck doing any of the above, please check Google. He’s very intelligent. And he helps people like you and me. Like everything else in life, starting a new ecommerce website is challenging. But every challenge is an opportunity to scale new heights and make a difference.So, be brave. I believe in your dreams. I trust your ability. I’m confident you’ll make it.  So, never give up.

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