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It’s not news that more than 70% active online users in Nigeria have adapted to one communication channel now: WhatsApp. People have replaced the term “text” to “WhatsApp” in their day to day conversations. It’s only logical now to adapt business to such a massively accepted tool to communicate. Technologies change and you should adapt with the changes – especially when you are in a business.

WhatsApp is a very unique tool and there is still a large audience lying there.

Here, we have made it easy to contact our sellers via Whatsapp for Wholesale & Retail Orders.

How to Contact Our Sellers via WhatsApp

Click On the Product You Want to Order

Scroll down and click “Chat via Whatsapp”

That Will Take You to the Seller’s Whatsapp Chat Page, Order Inquiry Will Be Sent to Seller on WhatsApp.

Transact With Ease. And Feel Free To Report Any Difficulty Encountered To Us. We Are Always Ready To Help.

Almost All Sellers On Our Store Are Wholesalers. Feel Free To Contact And Order.

Note: If you are open to sales communications on WhatsApp, you should have your business number registered separately. This adds a more personal touch to your business – We all love the convenience of communicating free of cost on Whatsapp.

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